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Translation Services: What are they and why they are important

What is translation and why are they important?

 In a translation, one attempts to convey the message from the original language to another. Today, translation services are sought out for as companies seek translation for their official documents. For example, if you are an English speaking person and you are working on a legal document for a client that does not speak English and can only understand in their native language, this is where translation services come in to get your job done. A translated document needs to convey the exact message of that of the original document, without losing its context.

Common Types Of Translation

1.General Translation
These are more fundamental translations where, in order to do the translation, no experience is needed of any country language other than native language. An example would be English To Chinese and Malay To English translations. Here at EduReach, our previous translation works include english to malay translations as well as works on “I Am A Muslim Reader Series” and “Aaqil Video Series”.

2.Certified Translation
Certified translation are translations placed on papers such as such as birth certificates, certificates of college degree, divorce documentation and death certificates. Organizations or organizations that require these records often require that they be certified by translation agencies before they are deemed valid translations.

3.Legal Translation
Legal translations is the conversion of legal documents such as statuses,treaties and warrants into other languages.

4.Commercial Translation
This includes translating official company documents such as company records, contracts, tenders, etc.

5.Juridical Translation
This sort of translation is when a legal translator is required to translate legally-binding documents, for example, translations of laws, decrees and regulations. These types of documents must be perfect as there is no room for errors at all.

Here at EduReach, we provide affordable translation services such as english to malay,malay to english, as well as court document translation services.
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