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It’s only a few weeks from your Mathematics papers and you’re probably frantically preparing for your ‘O’ level papers as they loom around the corner. One subject feared by many is Math – the beast that will swallow those who do not like logic and have not kept up with consistent practices.

Fret not! EduReach Tuition Centre to help enlighten you with some last minute tips to tackle or at least tame this beast once you meet him in late October or early November this year.

Figure out your pace for both papers

One common problem faced by students is that they don’t have enough time to complete the papers. A time management technique you could use is to figure the exact time you have to obtain each mark for the paper. For instance, if the paper is 90 minutes long, comprising a total of 50 marks, you would have exactly 1.8 minutes to get 1 mark.

You obviously should aim to do this faster so that you have buffer time to do some checking. My suggestion is to allocate 1.5 minutes instead for each mark for the aforementioned example. This gives you a balance of 15 minutes.

Remember, It is easier to obtain marks for the first part of the question

Do not get bogged down trying to solve an entire question, it is normally easier for you to get the first part of the question right. For example, if you were to attempt a 2 marks questions and the allocated time that you have is 3 minutes, do not waste any more time trying to do the question even if you are only halfway through. It is easier to for you to move on to the next question and get 1 more mark rather than focusing all your efforts on that one question.

You can find some past year papers here to practice this strategy

Take note of the topics you are weakest at

When attempting the 10-year series, try and do it based on topics so that you can identify your weakest topics. If there more than half of the total topics that you are weak at, then choose at least a quarter of those weak topics to revise on. Put in more work for your stronger topics.

If there are a total of 12 topics and you are only struggling with 2, then put in effort on just those 2 topics.

This strategy really depends on the number of topics that you are weak at. If there are too many topics that you are weak at, you may wish to focus on your strongest topics.. Seek advice from your teacher or private tutor if you need to.

Ask for help and guidance

Once you have identified your weakest topics, you will probably need help from either your teacher or private tutor if you have access to one. Else, try asking friends who you know are strong on the topic. If all else fails, try researching for help online. There are plenty of resources on the internet that can help you with your learning.

Get sufficient sleep and rest

This is something that students might underestimate. Making sure that you get sufficient sleep the night before can help keep you calm throughout the paper. The last thing you want is a mental blackout on your big day!

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