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Machine Translator Vs Professional Translation Services

Over the years, machine translators such as Google Translate have been becoming increasingly popular. Many students these days are using such machine translators to guide them in their mother tongue essays and homework. Will machine translators ever fully take the role of professional human translators? Here’s some possible reasons why machine translators will never be able to take the role of a human translator.

In the english dictionary, there are words which are spelt exactly the same but hold different meanings. For example, the word “lie” could either mean a person is not telling the truth but could also mean that a person is resting down on a couch. In this scenario, machine translators such as Google Translate is not able to correctly capture the correct word to use and may use the wrong word, that completely disrupts the context of the sentence. As for human translators, they can easily identify the correct meaning by matching the word to the content.

A document may have a persuasive, amusing or a serious tone but machine translators are not capable to capture it. For example, poetry. Machine translators will have a difficult time to correctly phrase a sentence and will end up randomly coming up with a generated sentence that may not match with the flow of the poem. However, human translators are able to recreate sentences and create something suitable to match the style and flow of the poem.

So the bottom line? When should you use machine translators and when should you use human translators? You can use machine translators for your daily conversations with people where a simple sentence is just enough for you to communicate or for you to understand a sentence in your own native language. However human translators are more suitable for handling with legal materials and business documents where there is no room for errors at all.

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