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So which is better for your child? Small Group tuitions or private tutoring?

Small group tuitions are perfect for children to learn in a more joyful and collaborative environment as compared to a school environment. Students can discuss the problems, find solutions, and work in teams.Small group learning also create an opportunity for students to practice sharing their thoughts in a low-stakes environment. Without so many eyes on them, timid students can start taking small risks, eventually becoming comfortable enough to share their doubts to the tutor as compared to a school environment where children are too shy to speak up for themselves when in doubt.

As for private tuition, it can be extremely effective for slow learners who require extra attention and are behind in school. Private tuition provides one-to-one interaction between the tutor and the child, which helps the teacher easily identify the weaknesses and strengths of the child. Private tutoring also provides a chance for shy students to speak out their doubts as compared to a school environment.

So it comes down to the verdict, is one better than the other? No. It all depends on the child. Children who require more time and attention to understand would be more suitable for private tutoring while children who enjoy learning in a collaborative environment would be more suitable for small group tutoring. It is important to know which environment our child prefers learning in.

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