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Teachers are always in search for classroom rentals especially when they don’t have a space to hold classes for students in school or a room to be able to cater for a large group of students.

Not all classrooms are usually used every hour of the day in tuition centres, and they are just left there unattended. Why not use them to provide classroom rental services to those who wish to hold their classes?  By introducing classroom rental, tuition centres are able to generate more profit just by providing space at available times. Tuition centres are also able attract more potential students who may want to sign up for tuition there, after attending the class held.

Here at EduReach, we provide classroom rental for affordable prices, ranging from $18,$25 and $35 per hour for all educational levels. If you’re keen in renting a classroom, click here to start booking your slot or contact us @ 6817 6157.

What are your opinions on this topic? Should more tuition centres provide classroom rental services? Tell us your thoughts.