So, is tuition in Singapore really a choice or a necessity? Tuition is usually seen as extra assistance and guidance for struggling students, but is increasingly being viewed as a necessity for students to do well in school.

Extra hours and greater individual attention in smaller classes in the tuition centres provide students with a greater edge in Singapore’s competitive education system.

These have become especially important as the school syllabus has become increasingly challenging and children may not be able to cope with such changes. However, while tuition can help if students are really struggling with a subject, teachers should also be able to generally help most students through regular classes in school. However, our child may not understand the learning style taught by the teacher in school and hesitate to speak up for themselves. The environment in class may also be uncomfortable for our child to learn effectively in school.

By setting aside time for tuition, your child is able to learn more effectively from tutors who can demonstrate different learning styles for different children’s understanding. Your child is also exposed to a more conducive learning environment as tuition classes are generally small in size, allowing ample time for the tutor to provide more attention and focus towards your child.

So is tuition in singapore a choice or a necessity? We let you decide.

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