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1)Class size

Why is class size so important? With a smaller class, students’ needs are able to be taken care of by teachers and more attention is given to students. In other words, your child will experience more effective tutoring as teachers are able to allocate more time for the child as compared to a bigger class.Here at EduReach, we have a small class size to ensure YOUR child is able to get as much help as he needs.

2)Tutor’s background

It is important to know about your tutor’s background as you’ll find that tutors with past experiences of being a teacher is able to deliver more effective ways of learning, and provide more professional teaching techniques to your child. An ex-teacher has industry experience while other tutors with no such background may lack effective tutoring techniques. An ex-teacher is also more knowledgeable in the education industry and the syllabus and will be able to provide the correct coaching for the level of your child. Here at EduReach, our tutors are hand-picked from NIE trained and teaching professionals, who will provide the most effective tutoring for your child.


Testimonials play an important part when picking a tuition centre to ensure that the tuition centre is credible. Previous customer reviews and feedback can show how effective tutoring is handled and whether the tutoring provided is effective to the child. What better way to know a centre’s effectiveness than taking a look at what parents have to say about. Our testimonials are sure to get you enrolled in our classes immediately!

4)Teaching Style

Our child may not be comfortable with certain teaching styles delivered by tutors. This is why teaching styles are so important to ensure that our tutors are able to deliver different teaching styles to ensure that our child understands what is being explained. The three main types of learning styles include, visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. If your child is a visual learner, he may prefer visual tools such as infographics, animations, videos, etc. And if your child is an auditory learner, he will benefit greatly from a tutor that can verbalise and explain concepts clearly! At EduReach, we ensure our tutors are able to demonstrate different teaching styles for effective learning for your child.

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