You might think, my child already has enough lessons in school, why is there a need for enrichment classes? The issue here is that these classrooms filled with students are expected to follow the pace of one single educator. On the surface, this might not seem like a problem – but what if the student’s pace of learning differs from everyone else’s?

However, there are some students who are not able to study independently and may require more help and attention from teachers. The tight schedules in school leave little to no time for teachers to attend to every child’s needs in class, and this may lead to your child lacking behind in school.
The small class environment in enrichment classes allows your child to learn more effectively where tutors are able to provide ample time and attention to each children’s needs. Enrichment classes would better tailor the needs of your child and help them to work on their specific weaknesses.

Some children also have different learning styles and abilities.The local education system can’t be described as a “one-size fits all” type of delivery. On the contrary, it’s far from that.Classroom education makes it difficult for students with different learning styles to keep up with the rest of the class as one teacher is not able to ensure different teaching styles for every child in the class. Having a tuition teacher will grant your a child a tutor who’s able to cater to his or her learning style and create a more efficient education environment. Here at EduReach, we will ensure that your child gets the most effective learning style to ensure they excel in their studies.