Is too much studying good for my child? or should they try other things out?

August 29, 2021

Is too much studying good for my child? or should they try other things out?


A lot of parents and guardians in general force their children to study as hard as they can until they receive a perfect score. College students will joke about how studying too hard will kill them. However, studying too hard can result in negative health effects.

To start off, cramming in information and over-studying can turn into extra, unwanted amounts of stress and tension that can burn out. A reason why stress is a bad thing is because stress and tension can have very negative health effects on the body and may result in high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or obesity. Researchers also say that too much stress from studying can cause brain inflammation and result in memory loss and depression. Even working, in general, can hurt people. People can develop heart disease while working too hard. Working that extra hour could even increase the chance of a stroke by 10%.

Spending too much time on homework can also lead to many health problems. A Stanford University student found that students who work for at least 3.1 hours a day on homework are more likely to develop health and mental problems, such as depression, sleep deprivation, lack of balance and alienation in their lives. Furthermore, it will create back problems for students if they sit for too long.

Also when students study, they tend to sit for hours. Research shows that those who sit for more than 13 hours a day have the bigger risk of death than others. As a matter of fact, physical inactivity is the fourth-leading cause of deaths around the world. The longer students sit, the more negative the impact is on our cardiovascular system.

Studying too hard can result in underperforming in exams. It is because it makes students tired which decreases their ability and enthusiasm to learn. Another interesting reason is that it is at expense of other activities. Student’s hobbies should not be neglected because they are crucial to health. Without these hobbies and activities, it can cause students to feel tired or sluggish which is not helpful when studying.

In conclusion, all of that excess amount of information and studying in students’ brains can produce injurious effects on the human body. Instead of spending countless hours on homework or studying, it’s better to get the right amount of sleep and exercise so that the body stays within balance and stays healthy.