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– Preschool  English, Math and Malay Online Classes.  English and Malay Reading Class.

– English, Math, Science, Malay for Primary and Lower Secondary 

– Foundation English, Foundation Math, Foundation Science, Foundation Malay for Primary 5 & Primary 6

– Higher Malay for Primary 5, Primary 6 and Secondary 

– English, EMath, Amath, Physics, Chemistry, Malay, POA, Social Studies for Upper Secondary.

Online tuition classes are coming straight to your home via our own platform.  We bring pre-primary, primary and secondary online classes to you all in 1 location;; video conferencing and Learning Management System in 1 platform.

Our Online tuition classes are brought to you by software and teaching professionals.  Singapore is known for our technology and being tops for education.  Yes, we bring you the best of both worlds!

Let the adventure begin.

“We shared with our kids on the current situation that requires them to embark on a new learning experience online. They were excited and at the same time nervous as it will be a new platform.

We are thankful that with Mdm Sha, Mdm Maz and teacher’s help and patience, my kids were able to access website smoothly.

They enjoyed the lessons as there were interactions between the teachers and classmates. They look forward for more classes online 👍”

Mdm Fara, who has 2 children with EduReach Tuition Centre

“I observed the class from the corner of my eye and I notice that the lesson was followed very well.  They were interacting with teacher in the same manner as they do during classroom sessions on Sundays.  From what I saw, the class was quite smooth.”

Mdm Reetha, who has 2 children with EduReach Tuition Centre


“Thank you for making the online arrangement. She is coping with the online classes and she will always tell me not to disturb her so that she can troubleshoot herself.

The platform is quite user friendly and she has no issue toggling around and its easy for me to just leave her alone for the entire session, unlike the school based platforms which i really need to sit down and guide her.”

Mdm Nurulhuda, mother of 1 child with EduReach Tuition Centre

EduReach Online Platform – EduReachLearn

We believe that with the right tools to learn, online tuition can be very effective.  Our answer to this is our very own platform

What is a typical lesson at


  1. Your child will log into the system and proceed to his or her classroom.  Your child should attempt to be online at least 5 minutes earlier.
  2. The teacher will begin the lesson  on time. 
  3. During the lesson, your child will be able to ask questions.  At times, the teacher may ask your child to proceed to do some exercises on our Learning Management System (LMS).
  4. The teacher will be able to check the results of the work submitted by the students.
  5. Students can get the teacher’s attention by raising their “virtual hand” via a button  or type their question on the chat box.
  6. The teacher can interact with the class through videos, power point slides, whiteboard and any other teaching materials during the lesson. 
  7. Your child may be requested to download materials or upload his work onto the system.  Your child can also share his/her screen to the teacher and classmates. 
  8. If there is a need to have a discussion, separate virtual rooms can be created to facilitate this.  The teacher will be able to observe and offer assistance to the discussion in each room when required.

So, what makes a good solution?

  • Simple
  • Effective
  • Engaging
  • Interactive
  • LMS and video conferencing.

We offer classes for English, Math, Science and Malay for primary level. We also have English, Emath, Amath, Physics, Chemistry, and Malay for secondary level.

During this Circuit Breaker time, we hope to be able to help more students:

  • 4 online sessions for 1 Primary school subject at $50, only $12,50 each (usual price is $130-$190 for 4 lessons)
  • 4 online sessions for 1 Secondary school 1 subject at $60; only $15 each (usual price is $160-$240 for 4 lessons)

*Offer is applicable to new students only.    


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