Pre-Primary Programmes

Our centre aim to assist your child to start primary school life with ease.

Phonics Reading Program

Our phonics program is a program that offers a multi-sensory approach to learning.  We are using a systematic approach to ensure each child progress as fast as possible and thus able to comprehend effectively,

This program helps the preschooler to build a strong foundation of phonics essential for reading, writing and counting.

Malay Reading Programme

Specially designed for students who are not attending Malay lessons at kindergarten or child care.

Using multi sensory and phonetic approach, the class will be active and lively.  With ‘Show & Tell’, Reading programmes, songs and storytelling; your child will develop an interest in the Malay language thus enhancing the learning process.

The objective is to ensure students are able to understand, speak, present, read, write and do simple comprehension in Malay.

Primary 1 Preparatory

Besides literacy and numeracy skills, our program is aimed to assist the child in adapting to primary school environment.

We will do play acting and learn to count lunch money, how to react to bullies, personal space/hygiene and many other essential skills.

This programme aim to instill confidence for the child when they step into their primary 1 classroom.

Please refer to our schedule for class time



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