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Things to take note before renting a classroom

Classroom rentals are becoming more popular in singapore, as tutors/teachers seek space to be able to hold their classes. If you’re one of those people who are looking to rent a classroom, these are a few points consider before you start arranging your slot.

1)Number of students

Be clear on the number of students you will be catering for. Not all classroom rental services are able to hold a large capacity of students, and you don’t want a handful of your students to be sitting on the floor during lesson. Here at EduReach, we are able to provide classrooms of 6,9 and 20 students.

2)Materials needed

During your class, you may need to make use of some resources such as projectors and computers for displaying information to your students. You may also need services such as internet connection to be able to access your online resources you need for your students. Ensure that the classroom you’re renting has all of the materials you need prepared for an effective learning environment. Here at EduReach, we have materials you need such as projectors for a conducive class.


You don’t want to end up paying so much for renting a classroom for just a 2 hour long lesson with a small group of students. Always check beforehand the tuition rates of classroom rentals in singapore. Here at EduReach, we offer a range of affordable prices that are sure to tempt you to book immediately.

4) Duration

Always check with the classroom rental service provider the duration you can hold your class for. Especially when you’re holding your class in a tuition centre,you don’t want to stop your lesson midway in, with other students waiting outside frantically waiting to get in for their tuition classes.

Did we miss out any points? Feel free to comment down below your points, we’d love to hear it.