What can you do if your child is being bullied?


Bullying can be quite a common occurrence among teens and children. Bullying can come in various forms, from being physical to even mental both which that can result in the child being devasted from all the stress and anxiety. The worst of it all the children who are victim of this are not at all open about this to not exacerbate the situation which can be very detrimental to their well being as well as the people around them. As parents how could you intervene and what can you do if your child is being bullied? 

First is to identify if your child is being bullied as mentioned students typically tend not to bring these kinds of thing up with their parents so you will have to look for signs of emotional distress. These signs may include things such as is your child staying up or unable to sleep at night, is your child not eating properly; is he or she overeats or under eats, is he or she more reserved at home than before. These signs are more obvious than others that something is wrong, and you will most definitely have to talk to them.

When you are talking to your child you will have to be all ears and not bring your emotions into it as it may not allow your child to express his/her emotions. If your child says that he is being bullied physically then you should have a talk with their school councilors and or principal. Physical bullying is very dangerous and in extreme cases may leave the victim or victims severely injured, so the best case is to always contact the school as well as the bully’s parents. 

In an event where the bullying is done through name calling or verbally abuse is significantly safer and slightly easier to deal with however, the severity of this is just as if not worse than physical bullying. For this there are a few ways you could approach this, first to tell your child to ignore and not respond to these kinds of acts, usually 8/10 these types of bullying stop when the bully is not getting anything out of it. Other ways they can also deal with it by talking to councilors and they would more often than not aid kids who are dealing with problems at school. If the bullying persists then again notifying the school is the best option but this should be left as the last option as this type of bullying can be dealt with in many ways.

Lastly you should always talk with your kids regardless of suspecting if they are getting bullied or not. It shows to your child that they may vent and express their emotions at home as well and you will be there to listen. You may also give your child advice on how to deal with stress and anxiety. There are many courses out there for parents that need coaching on how to help your child in these kinds of situations and it will be worth your investment.